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" Cawaii JAPAN " is a shop of product sales where we are willing to everyone.
Welcome to S-ONE Trading Co., Ltd. In our " Cawaii JAPAN " shop, we will the " Cawaii " produsts of Japan to offer to everyone overseas.

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We open our site " Cawaii JAPAN "

S-ONE Trading Co.,Ltd. we open our site " Cawaii JAPAN ". We offer " Cawaii " products whitch we choise and recomend Beauty Goods and others to everone oversea !

  • Quiet Angel Skin & Hair Care
  • 2nd Hand Brand Goods

Products Infomation

Quiet Angel Skin Care set




US$212 /set
US$408 /2set

Cleansing 100ml
Beauty Fluid(Serum) 200m
FREE Shipping by EMS!